Adored Beast Apothecary Your Go 2 30ml


First response homeopathic combination to support pain, shock, trauma, fever, disease, and inflammation at its initial onset.

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You can give this remedy at the first signs of inflamed ears, GI upset, fear, trauma, injury, etc.

Arnica can be useful for any kind of pain and/or inflammation from infected skin to diarrhea. That includes belly pain, intestinal pain, pancreas pain, tooth pain, ear ache, joint pain, pain from trauma, pain from hot spots. Arnica supports the body in fighting infection because, unlike pharmaceutical pain relievers, Arnica’s pain reducing properties don’t suppress symptoms but reduce inflammation at its core.

This combination of homeopathic arnica and aconite can help to support you and your pet in an emergency on the way to your vet.

Ingredients: homeopathic arnica 200c and aconite 200c prepared in a 13% alcohol base

Size: 2 x 15ml bottles (packaged together)

Dog and Cat Friendly


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