About Us

My story is pretty much like everyone reading this now. You grew up with pets, currently have pets, or thinking about accruing a pet. I have had pets all my life and could never imagine being without any.

I have had Siberian Huskies for the last 22 years. I love the outdoors and adventure, so this seemed to be a great match. Over the years I have taken part in so many great activities with my dogs, met so many great people and learned so much.

It was a little Siberian named Diva that changed our views on feeding dogs, with the Breeder’s guidance and knowledge we were introduced to a species-appropriate raw food diet for dogs. We immediately transitioned our other dogs to this new diet. The changes and benefits of improved health were astonishing.

Continuing to research knowledge I sought out employment with of the leading Raw Pet Food Companies in the Niagara Region where I continued to learn from one of the best forward-moving, educated and well-respected leaders in the industry. I furthered my education by obtaining my DNM Pet Food Nutrition Specialist Certification in 2018.

Sharing experiences and knowledge with other pet owners is what I love, so naturally that evolved into Carnivore’s Cupboard!

Bringing Health and Wellness to Your Pets Naturally!