Ryan’s Raw Organic Kelp 340 g


Organic Kelp

100% finely ground organic kelp

Over 60 minerals, amino acids and vitamins including natural Iodine.




Organic Kelp

100% finely ground organic kelp

This is a marine plant that is high in minerals and contains vitamins A, B, E ,D, and K. Kelp is a good source of iodine that helps promote thyroid function and can benefit animals who suffer from hypothyroidism.

Kelp can help maintain a shiny and healthy skin and coat in dogs.

Dogs with dry skin, skin allergies and alopecia ( hair loss) can benefit from eating kelp. Skin problems may improve; dryness and itchiness may also reduce.

The high fiber content in kelp has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-rheumatic properties that can benefit our pets.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Fibre – 8% Max

Potassium – 2% Min

Iodine – 0.08% Max

Sulphate – 7% Max

Salt – 6% Max


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