Earth MD Olive Leaf


Antifungal, Antibacterial



Olive leaf has been shown to be a powerful antifungal, helping to keep the balance between fungi and bacterium in the body when yeast( a fungus) takes over. Yeast and bacteria play an important role in the body of us and our pets, and when one or the other is too high a lot of problems can arise. One common problem that occurs when yeast overtakes the body is a condition called Yeast Candida. Olive leaf powder has been shown to help this condition.

Olive Leaf reported function:



DIRECTIONS: Sprinkle on wet or dry food.

Feeding Guide:

<20lbs: ¼ tsp per day

20-70lbs: ½ tsp per day

>70lbs: 1 tsp per day

Ingredients: Human-Grade Olive Leaf Powder

SIZE: 100g


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