CTC Dog Gear USA Shoulder Harness Large 50 – 60lbs


CTC Dog Gear USA Shoulder Harness

Properly fitting harness that allows complete freedom of shoulder movement.

Top Quality

An extremely versatile harness design

Made in the USA



CTC Dog Gear USA Shoulder Harness

* Complete freedom of shoulder movement

* Neck design ensures no pressure on the throat

* Harness ends on last full rib with no pressure on soft tissue

* Harness scapula plate ends in the correct position with no pressure on the spine

* Our girth strap design with its solid, no slide design means the harness does not slip or slide on your dog- ensuring maximum comfort for your dog

Colors: Black, Blue, Hot Pink Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red

Sizes: Small 30-40lbs $85.99 , Medium 40-50lbs 92.99, Large 50 – 60lbs, XLarge  60 – 70lb $106.99

Made with 3500 lb. strength nylon webbing, padded with 300 weight fleece, covered with a waterproof nylon RIPSTOP fabric.

Reflective tape located on the neck and sides of harness. Harness stops halfway down the dog’s back.

Specifically designed for the higher angle of attachment needed when bikejoring, canicrossing, hiking and walking.

An extremely versatile harness design.


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