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Augustine’s SuperBoost is the world’s first 100% certified organic supplement made entirely from wholefoods and specially formulated for canines.

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This Nutritional powerhouse is suitable for ALL dogs and can be added to dry, canned, raw & homemade meals.
Augustine’s SuperBoost contains ingredients used by the top performing athletes. It is packed with so much goodness that not only is it safe for human consumption, we actually encourage you to add it to your own food.
Key Benefits:
– Made under & governed by human food standards
– Produced entirely from wholefoods ( no synthetics)
– Provides vital nutrients that processing can destroy
– Assists in the maintenance of healthy joints
– Promotes normal, healthy growth and development
– Promotes healthy skin, shiny coat & strong nails
– Promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients
– Promotes healthy organ function
– Helps maintain a healthy gut

For Optimum Results feed your dog a daily minimum of|:
– Miniature _ – _ tsp.
– Small _ – 1 tsp.
– Medium 1 – 2 tsp.
– Large 1 – 1.5 tbsp.
– Giant 1.5 – 2.5 tbsp.
Halve the amount for puppies.

Augustine’s SuperBoost is also healthy for cats:
– Kitten _ – _ tsp. daily
– Adult _ – 1 tsp. daily

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