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Raw vs. Kibble

At Carnivore’s Cupboard we believe that feeding a species appropriate natural raw food diet is the optimal health for Canines, Felines & Ferrets whose systems are designed for and not a diet of heavily processed carbohydrate food full of fillers, additives & preservatives. 

Many great improvements of overall health can be seen after transitioning to a natural raw diet. When feeding a raw diet, the first noticeable difference will be the poop, less poop to scoop as there are no fillers and additives. Your pet’s breath will improve (no carbs adhering to teeth). Healthy skin and coat (more hydration in raw food which is also great for urinary, especially in felines) don’t be alarmed if your pet drinks less water after transitioning as raw pet food has a greater water content. Reduction in allergies and food sensitivities for some (less scratching, licking of paws, hot spots, ear infections). Less shedding and furballs for felines and cleaner litter box.  

Be it a new puppy/kitten or a senior dog/cat, you can successfully transition your pets to a raw diet. The sooner the better. Puppies/Kittens require more food while growing and developing so please refer to suggested guideline or contact the store to make sure you have the correct quantities for breed, age, weight, and activity levels. A pre/probiotic is suggested to add to puppies/kittens and seniors raw pet food when transitioning to avoid digestive upset. 

It is very important to offer a variety of proteins in your pets’ diet as not all proteins have the same levels of amino acids (build & restore muscle) for optimal health. We have a great selection available to meet all your pets needs. We suggest starting out with 1 protein the first 5-6 days and then slowly introduce other proteins to gage for sensitivities and make the transition easier. 

Raw food handling is suggested the same as you would prepare your own dinner, no different. Wipe and sanitize work area, wash bowls preferably stainless steel, do not use wooden utensils, put remaining raw food in sealed container in fridge (once thawed good for 3 days|) wash hands. Avoid completely thawing to portion and refreezing as it leads to  bacteria issues. 

If your pet is currently under veterinary care for a medical condition, please confer with them when deciding to transition to a raw diet. Some pets need leaner proteins due to medical conditions. We are not a veterinarian, we do not diagnose, we suggest you work with your veterinarian for any medical conditions. If you are looking for a Raw Friendly Veterinarian, we have a list, contact us and we would be more than happy to provide you with a veterinarian in your area. 

Please feel free to stop in the store or contact us at your convenience and we will be very happy to help your loved one’s transition to a healthier natural species appropriate diet today. It is never too late!

“Bringing Health and Wellness to Your Pets Naturally”